What is TheJUMP+

TheJUMP+ is the 3rd iteration/design of The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects. This version continues the mission of versions 1.0 and 2.0–providing an outlet for the excellent digital/multimedia projects that are created by undergraduates in undergraduate courses around the globe. In addition to serving as a scholarly outlet, TheJUMP+ also functions as a pedagogical resource for teachers working with (or wanting to work with) “new media.” And, in this version of the journal, we are also attempting to tap into the fuller affordances of social media. To this end, we’ve created internship opportunities for undergraduate students and, with that influx of energy and engagement, have added a blog element to the journal as well as increased our social media activity. As such, the “+” part of TheJUMP+ is reflective of the fact that we are are evolving into something more than a journal and something more than a blog–a representative space in which working creatives and multimedia scholarship come together.

To this end, we welcome your submissions, inquiries, and participation!

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