S.978 Remix – Safety of the Internet (4.1)

By Kevin Reidy Morton & Elie Chauvet – Wheaton College

Textual Description

This video project was created for Dr. Tanya Rodrigue’s ENG 298: Digital Writing course at Wheaton College. The assignment called for students to compose a remix on a topic related to the course inquiry: how does technology change the way we think about reading, writing, writing processes, and writing practices? The purpose of the assignment was for students to transform and combine various genres and modes to make an argument to a YouTube audience. The students who created this project mixed several voices in an effort to construct an argument about S.978 and the consequences of the proposed bill.

Response 1: Jessica Schreyer
Response 2: Kristi McDuffie
Student Reflection: Kevin Morton and Elie Chauvet
Instructor Reflection: Tanya K. Rodrigue

Course & Assignment Description
Project Timeline
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