English is for Squares: Thomas Was Alone as a Classroom Text (5.2)

By Anne Meuser – Miami University Ohio

Text-based Description of Visual Content

My project “English is for Squares: Thomas Was Alone as a Classroom Text” makes an appeal to teachers, primarily high school English teachers who may have little familiarity with video games, that the gameThomas Was Alone—and by extension, video games as a media—is a worthwhile text for study. I argue through visual, audio, and textual means that Thomas Was Alone is a valid educational tool and should be used in the classroom. To me, video games are incredibly moving. I feel excited to enter a virtual world of storytelling and interactivity. This video game ethos draws me, but may repel my audience of teachers. In order to attach pedagogical value to video games in their eyes, my appeal to this audience relies on the interplay between video game elements and multiple modes of text.

Response 1: Casey McArdle
Response 2: Scott Nelson
Student Reflection: Anne Meuser
Instructor Reflection: Lance Cummings

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