To a Rapper’s Delight: An In Depth Look at the Construction of A Musical Collaboration (5.1)

By Hanrick (Rick) Kumar & Calvin Tiu – Kwantlen Polytechnic University


1 – Multimodal Music

2 – I’ll Grow Up Tomorrow 

3 – Fast Times of a Tweaked Mind 

4 – No Tears 

5 – Are you There 

6 – What I read and How I made a Song 

7 – Two Percent

8 – Nothing Gold Can Stay 


This collaborative multimodal composition responding to classic and contemporary children’s literature was the final project presented by Calvin Tiu and Hanrick Kumar for Children’s Literature, English 3330, at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, British Columbia, taught by Dr. Sue Ann Cairns.

The project was an essay assignment that related course materials to a larger theme or idea. Rick and Calvin took this idea and created a multimodal composition that used a self composed album, a music video, and an essay on the creative process they underwent to create their album “The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of.” The album discusses various themes found in the works studied in class ranging from drug addiction to accepting the responsibilities of adulthood.

Response 1: Eric Detweiler
Response 2: Steven Jeffrey Lemieux
Student Reflection: Kumar & Tiu
Instructor Reflection: Sue Ann Cairns

Course Assignment & Project Timeline