Remix in Higher Education (5.2)

By Douglas Terry – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill


Text-based Description of Visual Content
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Ultimately, I want the site to serve as a resource that is engaging to students of higher education. I tried to keep the site easy to digest while still providing links to more in depth resources such as interviews, books, published papers, regularly updated feeds, and more. I feel the site has a place for teachers as well as students; it is an easily accessible source that professors can utilize to convey the legal boundaries in remixing and composition to their students and explain why it is relevant in the first place! It also provides some information about Creative Commons which students can take advantage of with their projects and works. The internet, Web 2.0 in particular, has created more opportunities for remixing and digital composition. Should educators encourage this type of composition? Where does remixing materials fall in the legal realm? Why do I care? All of these questions and more are explored here.

Response 1: Joshua Hilst
Response 2: Sergio Figueiredo
Student Reflection: Douglas Roger Terry
Instructor Reflection: Daniel Anderson

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