The Smiling Star: Laybur (1.1)

By Zi Ye – Miami University (Ohio)


This audio project was created for Instructor Felice Marcus’ English 109: English for International Students course. The project, loosely defiined, required students to engage in digital storytelling by creating “movies” that told a personal story and that contained elements of traditional narratives.

This project was created using Windows Movie Maker.

The instructor writes: “‘Smiling Star’ exemplifies a common and interesting ‘non-US’ genre [. . .] — the best-friend love-story.”

UPDATE (4.28.10):
Since this issue’s release, the College of Arts & Sciences at Miami University ran a web article on Zi Ye’s publication. The article can be found at:

Additional interviews with Instructor Felice Marcus and student author Zi Ye are part of the web article.
Felice Marcus –
Zi Ye –

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Response 2: Justin Hodgson
Student Reflection: Zi Ye
Instructor Reflection: Felice Marcus

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