Open the Box (10.1)

By Nikki Gordon, Arkansas State University

This project was composed in PowerPoint and is an interactive “Tap Essay” where readers are asked to click through slides at their own pace. To properly read the project, please use the button at the bottom right of the reader below to open the project in a new tab and select “Start Slide Show.” You can also click the image below to download the file to your own computer and click through in presentation mode.

An image of a bedroom filled with action figures and neatly organized toys.

Warning: This project includes descriptions of moments that involve physical abuse. 

This click-through interactive narrative relates the author’s journey to and through an abusive relationship, extending the idea of opening a box with a gift, a Joker figurine, given by her partner to the idea of opening the box where feelings about the relationship had been compartmentalized.

Software Used: PowerPoint

Response 1: Kyle Stedman
Response 2: Glen Southergill
Student Reflection: Nikki Gordon
Instructor Reflection: Elizabeth Chamberlain

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