Issue 1.1

Opening Conversations

Sweet Interruption
by David Bistline

NYC, Home of the homeless
by Anna Charles

Stolen Fairytale
by Ashley Martinez

by Victoria Elliott

The Smiling Star: Laybur
by Zi Ye


Welcome to the first-ever issue of The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects!  In this issue you will find projects created in audio, video, and even e-book multimedia platforms that touch on a variety of topics.  Each of the 5 projects in this first issue also include 2 “critical” responses from members of our editorial collective as well as student project reflections, instructor reflections, project timelines, course and assignment descriptions, and so on.  Also, registered JUMP community members † can add comments to just about everything, adding yet further layers to this growing complexity–so sign up, sign in, and let’s begin to open a variety of conversations.

† With the first issue, we opened up all the journal content to commentary from visitors. As it was built in Drupal, visitors had to register accounts in order to comment on the posts. However, spammers and a lack of community use led us to disable this feature with future issues.

[Originally Published at – March 2010]