Through My Own Eyes (6.1)

By Michael Horn – The University of Texas at Austin

Through My Own Eyes by Michael Horn from TheJUMP on Vimeo.

Text-based Description of Video

This project is a photo montage explaining the importance of Jews traveling to Poland and experiencing the sites of the Holocaust. The video is aimed at Jewish travelers who are contemplating a trip to Poland, but worred about current anti-Semtism there. Through the use of historical evidence, magazine articles, photographs, quotes, and dramatic music, Horn presents the reality of the situation. He attempts to make a case for different sides of the issue, arguing that the benefits of the trip outweigh the negatives of Polish anti-Semitism.

Response 1: Amy Tuttle
Response 2: Jeff Boruszak
Student Reflection: Michael Horn
Instructor Reflection: Meredith Coffee

Course Assignment & Project Timeline