Issue 3.1

Poems and Monuments

The Shadow of Turning
by Hannah Charlton

Ever After
by Miah Saunders

by Elizabeth Dougherty, Meri Faulkner, & Morgan Robinson

by Cecilia Jones

10 and 2, Are You
by Tanya Patel

[Closed Captioning available in Video]

In this issue of TheJUMP, titled Poems and Monuments, we showcase five projects that take us into both new and familiar waters.  The projects themselves span from the poetic to the monumental—in production and content—and open a variety of things for us to consider in the practices available for digital media production.

The first project, “The Shadow of Turning” by Hannah Charlton is a visual adaptation of a poem by Hannah Hall.  The second project is a digital story titled “Ever After” by Miah Saunders.  The third project, by Elizabeth Dougherty, Meri Faulkner, and Morgan Robinson, is a video remediation of Katherine Mansfield’s poem “Loneliness.”  The fourth project is a mystory created by Cecelia Jones. The fifth and final project is a digital monument by Tanya Patel.

Together, these projects provide a number of avenues for engagement—both in terms of their scholarship and in terms of their pedagogical value.  And while many of them are excellently done, some prove to be doubly valuable because of their ability to exist as a high level project while still retaining some of their rough edges, some of their exposed moments, some of their developing quawhere a resource like TheJUMP begins to shine: when good projects open avenues for discussion in terms of their content, their production, and their possibilities.

[Originally Published at – November 2011]