Beginning in 2016, JUMP+ began working with undergraduate students in the form of digital publishing internships. These early efforts (one in Spring 2016, one in Fall 2016) were central in the journal’s transition from the Digital Writing and Research Lab at The University of Texas at Austin to our new home here at (now affiliated with Indiana University). The result of those early successes and our new platform has prompted us to welcome additional interns in the coming years. To this end, we have envisioned four different types of internship opportunities: Managing Editor Intern, Social Media Intern, and Site Management Intern. [See our current Call For Interns]

The Managing Editor Intern works with the managing editor to facilitate the day-to-day operations of JUMP+. This position offers experiences in corresponding with reviewers and respondents, drafting decision letters, maintaining submission records, responding to general inquiries, and other related tasks, including working with other interns on different activities  (from copyediting to twitter production).

The Site Management Intern works with the managing editor to maintain, produce, and improve the structural and functional elements (i.e., informational architecture) of the site. This position offers a range of practices and experiences, from producing site pages for new projects and journal issues (as part of established workflows) to the creation of tags and keywords for new and existing content.

The Social Media Intern works with the managing editor, other interns, and our editorial collective members to develop, publish, and maintain our social media presence. The primary experiences for this position involve producing blog content (in text, image, video, etc.), promoting published projects, maintaining (and posting to) our Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as instituting rhetorical and aesthetic consistency across our various video channels (e.g., YouTube and Vimeo).

The Accessibility Editor Intern works with the Accessibility Editor and Co-Managing Editors to identify, produce, and user-test all manner of supporting accessibility materials: from editing site content for more inclusive language to creating transcripts, from providing text-based descriptions of rich media projects to researching practices and policy to address site-specific and project-specific issues.

Please direct all Internship inquiries to our General Editor, Justin Hodgson (hodgson [at] indiana [dot] edu), Associate Professor of Digital Rhetoric in the Department of English at Indiana University. Dr. Hodgson directs the internship on behalf of JUMP+, coordinating activities, crafting experiences, and establishing expectations in conjunction with interns and, as appropriate, managing editors.