The Rhetoric of Memes (5.2)

By Nadeem Persico-Shammas & Simone Sessolo – University of Michigan


Text-based Description of Visuals

Internet memes not only entertain, they also make claims about our world and how it does, could, and should work. They are a form of communication that is becoming more and more important in the new media world, and they have an unrealized potential for understanding rhetorical strategies. This website, The Rhetoric of Memes, houses analyses of common image-macro Internet memes. The analyses examine what image-macro memes say and how they say it, so they look at memes from the perspective of visual and argumentative rhetoric. The combination of the visual and the verbal in memes, and their ability to build up separate elements into a connected whole, offer insights about how ideas can develop, mutate, and be replicated.

Response 1: Steve Holmes
Response 2: Gary Hink
Student Reflection: Nadeem Persico-Shammas
Instructor Reflection: Simone Sessolo

Course Assignment & Project Timeline