Facechange (5.1)

By David Hook, Jacob Philpott, Will Tangney, & Katie Tiller – The University of Texas at Austin


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Objective: We made a video game about how Facebook slacktivism is an ineffective mode of social change. We made this game using the free game creation software called Stencyl, as it can run on both iOS and Windows machines. The game is published through Stencyl, so it can be played in a browser or with flash, which should make our game fairly easy to disperse to our selected audience. Our target audience is American, English-speaking Facebook users, ages 18-35. While the game can certainly appeal to older users, we believe the younger generation is more active on Facebook and more involved in the particular issues we explore in the game. We made the minimum target age eighteen because that is the age of adulthood in the U.S., and it is the age at which people start making their own money and forming their own ideas about the world. Adults are capable of creating real social change by donating their time and/or money while a child or teenager may not.

Response 1: Cynthia Haynes
Response 2: Glen Southergill
Student Reflection: Hook, Philpott, Tangney, & Tiller
Instructor Reflection: Scott Nelson

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