Worth Striving For (8.1)

By Blake Washington – University of Michigan

Text-based Description of Visuals

For his English 225 course at the University of Michigan, Blake Washington wrote an essay on why we will never achieve racial equality in America. This argument is built on a number of factors, including an intrinsic inclination among people to more critically judge others who are different, individual people’s selfish desires to be in a better position than others around them, and the gruesome history upon which America is built.

For the final project, the students were asked to “revise” one of the course’s prior essays and transform it into a multimedia project. Washington decided to take his essay on racial inequality and transform it into a spoken word piece, in which he expresses his frustration and anger about the nation’s inability to put an end to racial inequality. However, towards the end of the piece, he spins it toward a more positive note, speaking on why, even though it may be unattainable, that racial equality remains a goal “worth striving for.”


Response 1: Michael Neal
Response 2: Kevin Gauthier
Student Reflection: Blake Washington
Instructor Reflection: Shenika Hankerson

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