The Shadow of Turning (3.1)

By Hannah Charlton – Whitworth University


The Shadow of Turning
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This comic project was created for Dr. Fred Johnson’s English 329: Visual Narratives course (January Term, 2011). Students were asked to “create a visual text that displays many of the qualities of visual narrative” with the goal being that students “learn about visual narrative by producing it in some form.”  This multimodal project is particularly interesting in that Hannah Charlton worked from a poem written by Hannah Hall, another undergraduate (who wrote her poem a few years before Hannah Charlton turned it into a comic). Because of this, Hall’s reflection has also been included in the Student Reflection section.  She writes, “[Hannah Charlton] has produced a wonderful piece that expands and fulfills the text without straying from the fundamentals of the poem.”  We might see this remediation as breathing new life into something already rich in meaning and complex in value.

Response 1: Christine Denecker
Response 2: Sergio Figueiredo
Student Reflection: Hannah Charlton
Instructor Reflection: Fred Johnson

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