The Adventures of Frank Little (7.1)

By J. Turner, K. McDonald, M. Sheble, PJ Shea, V. Johnson – Montana Tech


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NOTE: The download is a .zip file, the game is a .swf file.

Text-based Description of Game Play

Students in this course were asked to explore Butte, Montana and the surrounding areas rich industrial, political, and social histories by engaging in an archival intervention (i.e., playing with archives as a space of production). This project is the student’s response–producing a game that narrativizes the life of Frank Little, a prominent figure in the early 1900s who helped skilled workers in the West, Northwest, and Upper Midwest form or join labor unions.

Players start the game at the Milwaukee train station in Butte and from there make decisions about where Little should go and who he should interact with. At different locations, players have the option to interact with different groups of people, including the citizens of Butte, Miner’s Union representatives, the military, Chinese immigrants, Pinkerton Agents, Anaconda Company representatives, and the police. The final scenes are determined by where players go and with which the groups they interact with. If players choose to avoid all interaction involving organizing workers, Little survives in a corporate dominated dystopia.

Response 1: Alison Witte
Response 2: Kallie Willits
Student Reflection: Turner et al.
Instructor Reflection: Glen Southergill

Course Assignment & Project Timeline