Text-based Description of Visuals – The Commercialization of Emotions (10.1)

General Page Layout

  • The header is an image of colorful coding on a black screen with the title “The Commercialization of Emotions: An Iconographic Tracking Report” by Katherine Mavridou-Hernandez.
  • Images sit next to text, in the background, or in the middle of text and move up as you scroll
  • A list of sources with hyperlinks and image citations are at the bottom of the page for further reference 


  • A large-scale close up of “The Kiss” photograph
  • A photograph of people in Toledo cheering at the news of the surrender of Japan on August 14th, 1945


  • An image of a black footprint over blue coding numbers 
  • A photograph of a couple kissing under a statue in Sarasota titled “Unconditional Surrender”


  • A screenshot of the image results from Google search for “v-j day kiss” showing rows of search results  
  • A photograph of “The Kiss” as a Christmas tree ornament 
  • A cigarette package sleeve with “The Kiss” photograph on it 
  • Side by side, an image of cuff links and a tattoo of “The Kiss” 
  • A screenshot of a twitter video posted by CGTN “Famous V-J Day Times Square kiss re-enacted during annual #NYC #VeteransDay Parade” 
  • Side by side, an image of a MAD comic spoof and an Etsy Lego interpretation of “The Kiss”