Assignment Description – Fear is Contagious: Is AIDS? (10.1)

Video Project Assignment

From R-209 course syllabus:

 “Video Project – Students will create a short video that offers a meaningful representation of their focal artifact/monument. These creations will present yet another perspective or dimension to the artifact/monument, and fall stylistically somewhere between expository essay and video documentary. CALENDAR: 10/29 – 12/3”

From Canvas assignment description:

Video (audio/visual) Creation

Your challenge in this assignment is to use video to further monumentalize your focal object/entity. To do this, you might try to remake (i.e., retell) the digital narrative you created for the previous assignment. But you might also attempt to extend that narrative in specific ways. The goal here is to think about the affordances of video as a representational medium (bringing together audio/visual rhetorical practices) and to leverage those affordances to communicate something of significance to your audience (i.e., interested viewers).

As with the digital narrative assignment, providing context (and/or a framework) from which to understand your topic is important, but the human element should remain near and dear to the focus of this work. That is, even if you are talking about very tangible artifacts and objects, what makes them of interest is fundamentally linked to a human condition (and/or, as with most memorial/monument considerations, to an invested community of people).

I would encourage you to not only think about the discussions in class so far as well as the course readings and conversations, but the various media you have experienced. I would also encourage you to find ways to work in counter distinction to your source materials. Meaning, you might see assets and conversations not as definitive takes on your monument/memorial focus, but as relays to some other kind of consideration or orientation, and use that relay to further put your focus into relief.

As your topics range widely in focus and will invite all manner of different considerations, there is no one size fits all set of criteria that will work for every project. Thus, I want you to think about the story that wants to be told, what it asking of you, what it needs, and how you might best deliver that as an audio/visual rhetorical artifact. However, I have provided some very basic technical frames below

These projects must:
– be at least 5 minutes and 30 seconds in length and no more than 15 minutes in length; (note, this does not include time for credits/citations – those things are allowable beyond the time limit)
– made available online (via Canvas or other digital repository [Youtube; Vimeo])
– demonstrate a significant undertaking

December 3, 2019 (in first five minutes of class)

These projects will be graded in relation to the evaluative criteria we establish as a class. While these criteria are yet to be fully established, they will likely draw upon the Kuhn+2 model we will discuss as a class. Once we have discussed the criteria, I will add them to the CANVAS assignment description.

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