Project Timeline – Fear is Contagious: Is AIDS? (10.1)

The center of my intensive writing course was to choose a single monument, object, or subject to focus on throughout the entire semester. The goal of the course was to represent our focal point by using a variety of digital platforms. After the project and objectives were presented in class, I researched and decided to focus on the development and stigma related to AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). I first put together a 90 second research pitch, using iMovie, in order to present my thought process and general direction of my project. The next step in this long-term project was to continue research and develop a digital narrative. The goal of my digital narrative was to tell a timeline story of AIDS. In order to do so, I presented my digital narrative by using a scrolling effect and utilized Adobe Spark. The next step was to compile all of my research in order to tell a story using a video platform, the project you see here. I spent two weeks remixing YouTube videos, screen text, in person interviews, images, and background music on iMovie. Many opinions were taken into account in order to shape and produce the video you see here today: peer revisions, professor feedback, and two anonymous critiques. 

Timeline of “Fear is Contagious: Is AIDS?”: (October 30, 2019- April 15, 2020)

October 1: Research Pitch assigned.

October 2-27: I decided to further research AIDS and narrowed down my topic. I continued computer based research on AIDS and gathered sources through fieldwork.

October 29: Research and Pitch due. Digital Narrative and Video Project were assigned.

October 30- November 6: I developed my Digital Narrative using Adobe Spark.

November 7: Digital Narrative draft due. Peer edits were made.

November 7-13: I made revisions to my Digital Narrative.

November 14: Digital Narrative due.

November 19- December 2: I utilized studio days to compile my research and create my Video Project.

November 21: Digital Monument assigned.

December 3: Video Project due.

December 4-12: Digital Monument studio days.

December 13: Digital Monument due.

December 17: I received feedback on my Video Project from my professor, who suggested submitting my work to the JUMP+.

January 3: I submitted my project to the JUMP+.

January- February: Two anonymous reviewers provided feedback on my work.

March 23- April 15: I made revisions based off of anonymous feedback. I wrote supplemental materials and my final piece was submitted to the JUMP+.

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