Assignment Description– Same Story, Three Ways: A Culinary and Epicurean Exploration (10.1)

The Same Story Three Ways

Throughout the course, you will work on composing “the same story three ways”: through video, through audio, and through another medium of your choice. You may choose to complete this project individually or in a group. Dr. VanKooten will provide you with assignment sheets and a list of criteria for the video and audio stories, and you will develop your own goals for the choice story. You will present all three digital stories to the class at the end of the semester, as well as turn in an online portfolio with accompanying reflection.

You can choose what kind of story you would like to tell for this project. Your story could be a personal story like those that Lambert discusses (a story about someone important, a story about an event, a story about a place, or a story about what you do), or it could be a fictional story.

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