Course Description – Same Story, Three Ways: A Culinary and Epicurean Exploration (10.1)

Digital Storytelling
This class explores the rhetorical, ethical, stylistic, and technical principles of creating personal, observational, and ethnographic narratives through visual and digital productions, including videos, slide shows, graphic-intensive websites, podcasts, and comics.

Course Goals
Students in this class will

  • Apply basic rhetorical and creative principles in the construction of digital texts for the purposes of persuading, entertaining, and informing a variety of audiences.
  • Identify the ethical and social responsibilities of the researcher and composer.
  • Conduct effective primary research to gather information and understand how to treat their human subjects ethically and humanely with regards to their use of this information.
  • Produce digital texts that conform to copyright and fair use laws.
  • Use various software programs to edit images, audio, and video.
  • Make use of at least two online platforms for publicizing digital stories.

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