Project Timeline – Attuning to Phonophobia (11.1)

Throughout the entire process, I debated about which scholars to bring in and it was difficult to know if I was conveying my message how I wanted people to perceive it. But I made sure to cover what I experienced as the most challenging, but still informative experiences to convey my message and to also help others understand and be more empathetic to other’s sound sensitivities. 

I worked on this project all summer long and for long stretches of time. Since I had other life obligations to fulfill in this time, I would try to write a draft every two weeks. After I would get a draft done, Ben would meet with me to go over them together. He gave me excellent advice and suggestions. I worked with them while re-thinking and re-designing the drafts entirely. This process was the hardest part though. I found out at the end when I started recording the piece, that I did not need to put so many hours into writing the drafts. Even though I was not sure if the words were conveying my message in how I intended, the sounds and creating the audio portion helped me push away my doubts and encouraged me along. My project ended up being a little bit longer than what I intentionally planned, but overall, it was an attainable project. The experience I gained from all of this was worth it.