Assignment Description – Paulo Freire and a Manifest for Disability Pedagogy (11.1)

Project Description: 

Having read Pedagogy of the Oppressed, develop a project informed by Freire, a project engaged with Freire’s concern for ontology, axiology and/or epistemology.

Project Timeline: 

March 10: Project 1 Proposal 

March 19: Project 1 Due 

April 16: Project 2 Due 

May 14: Project 3 Due 
Each project loosely corresponded to sections of the class divided by three books as our cornerstones: Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Literacy, and Pedagogy of Freedom. I made the decision to make my project cumulative, drawing from all three texts to deal primarily with Freire’s ontology and epistemology in relation to disability pedagogy. Freed from the constraints of a traditional essay and timeline, I used Google Sites to act as the hub for understanding and enacting activist praxis over the course of the semester. The multimodal platform grew from three pages on the site for the first project to a total of nine for the third and final project.