Project Timeline – Paulo Freire and a Manifesto for Disability Pedagogy (11.1)

By Taylor Hein, Chapman University

There were three projects assigned in the ENG 446/500 “Topics in Rhetoric: Freire, Praxis, Dialogue, Education” course. Students had the freedom to create these as individual, separate projects which stood on their own or to combine two or more projects in order to build off of one another. I chose to create a cumulative project which evolved in three stages over the course of the semester. Each of these stages corresponded with our course study of a new Freire text. First was Pedagogy of the Oppressed (3/19/20: Project 1 Due), second was Literacy (4/16/20: Project 2 Due), and third was Pedagogy of Freedom: Ethics, Democracy, and Civic Courage (5/14/20: Project 3 Due). 

I began the Google Site with two to three pages based on the prompt to develop a project informed by Paulo Freire, engaged with Freire’s concern for ontology, axiology, and/or epistemology. This included the “Home” page, “Defining Disability,” and “The Freirean Revolutionary.” For the second part of the project, I added “The Ontology of Disability,” “Dehumanization and Disability,” and “The Disabled Body” pages. For the third part of the project, I integrated “The History of Disability Activism,” “The Thematic Universe of the Disability Rights Movement,” as well as “Revolutionary Praxis.” The final page, “Looking Ahead,” was added retrospectively after the course’s conclusion as my journey as an activist gave me more insight to continue adding to the site, and I plan to continue to do so in the future.