Transcript and Description of Visuals- Seasons (11.1)

Fall crawls down the mountains like a wildfire
Girl lying on her side with her back to us
Orange and red fire crawls up her dress
She rises to her feet
Crimson orange consuming life in a last desperate gasp of brilliance
Spins around, the dress of flames flaring out around her
The fire consumes her
It vanishes in a burst
Leaving barren land in its wake
Ready for winter to cover the naked flanks
The figure is left bare
It crouches down while the wind blows around the screen
Trees begin to sprout from the figure and giant hands move onto screen.
A blanket of virgin white to conceal the rotting leaves and corpses of trees
The hands pull away and leave mountains in their wake, while the figure turns completely into trees. 
Snowfall completely fills the screen
Until spring pulls the duvet of snow away,
And new bits of green creep up from slumber,
A white blanket is pulled in an arc from the lower left corner to the right, concealing everything. The blanket pulls away and twirls around until it transforms into the green outline of a girl lying on her side with her face towards the viewer.
Embroidering its leathery husk with delicate threads
Sewing life back into the mountain’s craggy peaks
Tender blossoms stirring from sleep.
Yellow, red, white, and blue flowers spread up the slopes of her dress and in her hair.