Course Description-Beauty in the Philippines: Materialized Oppression (11.2)

ENG 2070: Foundations in Rhetorical Studies

Designed as a core course in the English major and in the minor in Rhetoric and Composition Studies, this course will familiarize students with major themes and epistemologies in rhetoric. Students will explore the theoretical shifts and major figures that define a modern study of rhetoric. The course also fulfills the Social Inquiry GE requirements and electives in Creative Writing and other majors, adding value to a wide variety of disciplines. 3 credits. Pre-req: Written Inquiry.

Student Learning Possibilities

  • Demonstrate understanding of the various ways cultures construct knowledge
  • Demonstrate understanding of the contested histories and theories of rhetoric
  • Demonstrate understanding of the role rhetoric plays in political and social contexts
  • Articulate the relationships among language, power, and social values and explain how these relationships change through time, cultures, and technologies
  • Identify, frame, and analyze social and/or historical structures and institutions in the world today (GE SI)