Project Timeline-Billy’s Birthday Cake (11.2)

  • 1/29/21: I acquired the bag of frozen pinky mice from Colt and Angelica. 
  • 3/15/21: I decided that the mice had been in my freezer for too long and that I needed to begin working on my multimodal project for Professor Gunsberg’s class, so I began executing my original idea for ‘Billy’s Birthday Cake’ by photographing the mice in a mixing bowl and filming myself smashing a regular cake into my face. 
  • 3/20/21: I uploaded the pictures and clips into Adobe Premiere Rush where I added music and experimented with flashing effects. I also composed a short poem and narrated it. 
  • 4/1/21: Multimodal project was due. 
  • 4/28/21: I submitted my project to TheJUMP+.
  • 11/30/21—1/28/22: I received suggestions for revisions from TheJUMP+ and began brainstorming ideas on how to incorporate these revisions. After brainstorming, I added clips of a snake painting, of party supplies, and of Billy eating the camera. I also rewrote the poem to focus on Billy’s descent from an artist to a consumer. 
  • 1/29/22: I finished the final revisions and resubmitted the project.