Transcript of Narrative-Billy’s Birthday Cake (11.2)

Ambient horror music begins.
Content Warning appears: The following video contains flashing lights and images some viewers may find disturbing.
Ambient horror music continues. 
Title appears: Billy’s Birthday Cake.
Ambient horror music intensifies. 
A white, viscous fluid is poured on top of a painting depicting a green snake slithering toward a cluster of frozen pinky mice. Frames flash in color and black and white. Loaded dumpster flashes between clips.
Dear Viewer, I was born, and on my birthdays,  I used to be given things like language, pens, and paper to write my hopes upon. I used to be given paints, brushes, and canvases  to smear my fears upon. 
Red, yellow, blue, and green confetti fall and stick to the fluid covered painting.Frames flash in color and black and white. Loaded dumpster appears between flashes.  
I used to be given trash, more trash, all the trash. I remember being unable to do anything with trash, so I started doing what anyone would do.
Clips of party hats, Mylar balloons, party themed paper plates, and birthday candles flash in color and black and white. Loaded dumpster appears between flashes.
I started buying  party hats and Mylar balloons, confetti and little kazoos. I started buying paper plates and plastic forks. I started buying boxed cake mixes and frosting tubes, and with these things I do what anyone would do. 
Frozen pinky mice in a mixing bowlflash in color and black and white.The cake mix and eggs are added.All ingredients are whisked into a lumpy batter.
I throw myself a party.  I bake myself a cake. I consume, consume, consume all those little hopes and fears. I do what anyone would do. Tell me, viewer, this is what you would do.
Frosted cake with ‘HBD BILLY’ writtenin blood red icing flashes in color and black and white. Camera lingers on cake.
Loaded dumpster flickers.  Billy’s Birthday Cake sits on a coffee tablepositioned in front of a couch. All the images from here on out are black and white except the loaded dumpster.
Ambient horror music continues. 
Billy enters and sits on the couch. He grabs handfuls of cake and smashes it into his face. Billy swallows and reaches for seconds. He smashes more cake into his face, smearing the frosting across his cheeks.
Frosting and cake squishes.
Loaded dumpster flickers.Billy stares into the viewer’s eyes.
Ambient horror music fades.
Camera zooms in on Billy’s lips.Billy attempts to eat the camera,displaying his mouth coveredin frosting and saliva.