Project Timeline-Social Stigma and Poverty (11.2)

1/28/2020Project 1: My Story: A Memoir of GrowthCreate a personal narrative through a SparkPage exploring four discourses: family, entertainment, community, and school. 
2/16/2020Project 2: Mind Map & Rhetorical AnalysisDraw one common theme from the discourses and social identities in Project 1 and magnify the issue to a national/local community level. Collect “artifacts” and analyze the rhetoric of each piece, immersing the reader through different perspectives. 
3/1/2020Project 3: Annotated BibliographyResearch peer-reviewed articles and scholarly sources, create citations using APA format, and extend on the big ideas discussed. 
3/18/2020Project 4: Video ProposalProduce a video proposal for the final project using Premiere Rush software and free media. Practice narrating a script and exploring editing features. 
4/26/2020Project 5: Video Essay Create an Adobe Spark Page culminating all projects into a cohesive story and link the final video essay.