Student Reflection-The Racial Injustice of Police Brutality (11.2)

By April Foley, Oakland University

When I first chose my topic, I wasn’t very sure of where I wanted to go with it, just that I wanted to create something that spoke to the viewer on a deeper, more meaningful level. Choosing such a controversial topic, such as The Racial Injustice of Police Brutality, came with a lot of backlash. I am a white woman, so I do not personally understand the struggles and injustices people of color face every day. While getting my thoughts in order, I knew that I had to step outside of my comfort zone and really submerge myself in my topic. I won’t lie, this project took a large toll on me. Learning about the stories of the victims presented in this project, listening to conversations of people I am close to and the injustices they have faced, stories of friends who have dealt with the abuse from police, etc. was heartbreaking. There were a lot of tears, frustration, anger, and then there was the thirst to fight for justice. I took all of those feelings and emotions and poured my heart and soul into this project. Having the opportunity to create such a powerful project opened my eyes to the things I don’t see and helped me learn more about the issues people of color face every day. When I submitted this project, a classmate of mine said something that continues to stick with me today, “thank you for creating such a powerful piece and showing me and my community that you stand with us.”

To those of you reading this, who have viewed my project, those who face inequality, injustices, are undervalued, please know that I see you, I stand with you, and I will continue to fight along those seeking justice and equality.