Textual Description of Visuals-The Racial Injustice of Police Brutality (11.2)

First page header:

  • Protestors stand in front of police. A police officer looks at the camera.


  • Header: Protestors stand in front of police cars holding hands as a sign of unity.
  • First picture is a Black Lives Matter mural with images of those who lost their lives to police brutality, such as George Floyd.
  • Video tells the stories of those who lost their lives to police brutality, such as Michael Brown. 
  • The first picture on the left at the bottom is a protestor holding up a sign saying “Hands up, don’t shoot”. 
  • The second picture on the left at the bottom is of a protestor holding his hands up in front of police in riot gear.
  • The right picture at the bottom is of protestors with signs saying “ how many weren’t filmed?”, “white silence is black death”, “am I next?”, and “black futures matter”.

Survey Results:

  • All graphs included are survey results from the survey I created for this project.

Selma-to-Montgomery March aka Bloody Sunday:

  • Header: protestors with a sign saying “we march with Selma”
  • First picture: protestors are beaten by police with billy clubs.
  • Second picture: protestors are forced to surrender and kneel before police.
  • Third picture: police cars are lined up alongside police to stop the march.
  • Video: one of Martin Luther King’s most famous speeches.
  • Fourth picture (on the left): Martin Luther King marches alongside his wife and protestors.
  • Fifth picture (on the left): Martin Luther King is pictured giving his famous speech.
  • Sixth picture (on the right): Martin Luther King marches and chats with protestors.

Trayvon Martin:

  • Header: picture of protestors holding a sign saying “Justice for Trayvon”.
  • First picture (on the left): A picture of Trayvon Martin.
  • Second picture (on the right): a young boy holding a sign saying “I am Trayvon Martin”.
  • Third picture (on the right): Protestors holding a sign saying “Solidarity”.
  • First video (on left): the 911 call between George Zimmerman and dispatch.
  • Fourth picture (on the right): George Zimmerman
  • Second video: the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s death is read aloud and George Zimmerman is found not guilty.
  • Fifth picture (on the right): a Black Lives Matter sign on cardboard.
  • Sixth picture (on the left): Black Lives Matter is painted on the road.
  • Bottom pictures: all pictures of protestors holding signs relating to justice for Trayvon Martin.

Michael Brown:

  • Header: a “Justice for Michael Brown” sign is held by marchers.
  • First picture: Michael Brown’s graduation picture.
  • Second picture: Officer Darren Wilson who has been accused of firing the fatal shots.
  • First video: Officer Wilson explains his account for the night of Michael Brown’s murder and claims he did everything right.
  • Third picture: Rapper J. Cole
  • Fourth picture: Michael Brown’s family weeps as a drawing of Michael sits next to them.
  • Second video: The song “Be Free” by J. Cole which was created in response to Michael’s death.

Tamir Rice

  • Header: Tamir Rice’s burial site.
  • First picture: Tamir Rice
  • Second picture: protestors holding signs relating to the corrupt criminal justice system.
  • First video: Surveillance video showing the moments leading up to Tamir’s death.
  • Second video: angry protestors reacting to lack of charges brought against the officers involved.

Sandra Bland

  • Header: an image of Sandra with “I can’t breathe” and other sayings behind her.
  • First picture: Sandra Bland
  • Second picture: former officer Brian Encinia 
  • First video: shows camera footage from the police dashcam of the arrest of Sandra Bland and explains why Brian Encinia was fired.
  • Second video: shows cell phone footage from Sandra’s phone of the arrest and discusses the failures happening inside the prison that lead to Sandra’s death.

George Floyd:

  • Header: a mural painted for George Floyd with the words “I can’t breathe” around him.
  • First picture: George Floyd
  • First video: bodycam footage leading up to George Floyd’s death.
  • Second picture: The four officers involved in George Floyd’s murder.
  • Second video: Derek Chauvin, responsible for Floyd’s murder, listens to the charges against him and his sentencing to 22.5 years in prison.
  • Bottom pictures: all pictures of protestors holding signs saying “I/We can’t breathe”.

Breonna Taylor:

  • Header: a mural painted for Breonna with flowers laying nearby.
  • First picture: Breonna Taylor
  • First video: goes into detail about what exactly happened the night of Breonna Taylor’s murder.
  • Second video: relates to the lack of charges brought against the officers involved and how upsetting and frustrating it was for her family.

“Defund the Police” Movement:

  • Header: a protestor holds a sign saying “defund the police”
  • Video: goes into detail of what exactly it would mean to defund the police.
  • First picture: a collage of pictures pieced together stating that “America needs change”.
  • Second picture: an ice cream “party” with bowls representing the different areas funding could go into if police were defunded, such as mental-health counseling, education, job training, etc.

Ending Statements:

  • Header: Black Lives Matter banner held during a protest.
  • Video: a poem read regarding Black Lives Matter
  • Picture: a list of the victims who have died at the hands of police.