Assignment-Omega Mart Ad Analysis (12.1)


The purpose of this project is to analyze a video commercial advertisement. You will present your findings using Adobe Spark Slideshow Video. Select a video advertisement that is large enough to read and engage thoroughly (at least 20 seconds, but no longer than 40 seconds). Then analyze based on the guidelines below.  


  • Include a specific name for the video/commercial you are analyzing, URL, identifying information for the commercial you review. 
  • If you are unable to include the commercial in your video, include the URL in your video’s description or notes section. It is imperative that the viewer either see or have easy access to the video being analyzed.  
  • Start your project with the video you are analyzing or include the video before key parts of the analysis.  
  • You may repeat portions or use screenshots of the video to illustrate your analysis.  
  • The goal of this project is to display analytic ability, and the ability to show analytic ability through the use of the very user-friendly adobe spark video.  
  • If you wish to use a different video editing software, you may do so.  
  • This assignment tasks you with engaging in analysis of the commercial. A summary that does not analyze the commercial based on the design strategies discussed is not an appropriate submission for this assignment and will earn a score of zero. Similarly, no assessment of the qualities of this assignment are necessary for your analysis but may be included *briefly if you wish.  
  • Your video may be as long as it needs to be, but generally, 2:00 minutes (on the fast end) – to 4:00 minutes is appropriate. Your film may not be longer than 7 minutes in length. Submissions less than 1:40 will earn a grade of zero, submissions longer than 7 minutes will earn a grade of zero unless otherwise discussed with the instructor ahead of time. 


Your project should thoroughly analyze your image including the following:  

  • Connotative and Denotative Meaning (Connotation and Denotation) 
  • Roland Barthes’ 
    • Studium  
    • Punctum – If Present 
  • Rhetorical appeals: Pick TWO which seem most important to a critical understanding: 
    • Ethos – Credibility 
    • Logos – Logic 
    • Pathos – Emotion 
    • Kairos – Time and Place 
  • Kress and Van Leuwen’s Visio-Linguistic heuristic :Select at least ONE: 
    • “Given” and “New” 
    • “Ideal” and “Real” 
    • “Center” and Margin” 
      • “Salience” – (Most Important parts of the image) 
  • If there is motion include Text from Anders Fagerjord: Select at least TWO points of analysis from the following:  
    • Revealing 
    • Pointing 
    • Contextualizing 
    • Directing 
    • Projecting  

Your video may be hosted in Spark, Vimeo, or Youtube – and should be submitted as a URL