Project Timeline-Queer Today: How to Queer a Capitalist Life (12.1)

This project took about a full semester to complete, from brainstorming to the finalized product. This course had two final projects, one of which was a collaborative effort, and the other, an individual project. Groups were assigned early in the semester and given 16 weeks to collaborate with one another. During class periods, our group would brainstorm and discuss our progress on our certain sections. As the semester continued, we would meet regularly outside of class as well. We were given the opportunity to choose any medium to work with when creating our piece and early on decided on the form of a zine. The theories surrounding capitalism and queer theory quickly became of interest to our group as we progressed in the class, and within a month, we decided on “Queer Today: How to Queer A Capitalist Life”. This project allowed us to be creative in an academic setting, as this project had infinite possibilities and little requirements. This was a class where our imagination could run wild, and as you can see in this project, we were able to be as messy and colorful as we wanted.

January 5, 2022: An overview of the final presentation for the course is given.

January 12, 2022: Groups assigned during class.

February 14, 2022: Brainstorming for project, landed on Queering Capitalism in the form of a zine.

February 21, 2022: Schedule and deadlines created for project.

February 23, 2022: Flyers given out to classmates to send in examples of hobbies for section within project.

March 11: Finalized full list of content for zine.

March 14, 2022: Group meeting to review progress.

March 31, 2022: Began finishing up rough drafts of pieces and began revising.

April 8, 2022: Began piecing together physical zine.

April 10, 2022: Finalized all writing and started to add artwork.

April 11, 2022: Finalized entire project, scanned into pdf form.

April 13, 2022: Presented project during class period including a 20-25 minute interactive lecture style oral presentation and Q and A.