Project Timeline – Let’s Talk About Miiverse (9.1)

Project Timeline

  • Date Assigned: 9/11/17
  • Progress Report 1 Due: 9/15/17 – Pitch your project.
  • Progress Report 2 Due: 9/22/17 – How far are you into your research?
  • Progress Report 3 Due: 9/29/17 – Has anything changed in your claim?Annotated Bibliography Due: 9/29/17 – At least four sources required
  • Peer Review of Projects Due: 10/4/17 – Take note of peer feedback and make edits to your project
  • Research Slide Deck Due: 10/13/17 – Slides for in class presentation
  • Presentation Due: 10/11/17 – 10/13/17 – Present to the class your findings on your topic
  • Web text Due: 10/13/17 – Final web text product due

Due to how I approached this project, I stayed in crunch for most of the given time on the project. I had to not only research the project, a time-consuming aspect all on its own, but I also had to teach myself some workarounds in HTML5 and CSS in order to get my web page looking nice and organized. Reactive page design was quite possibly the most frustrating thing I learned how to do over the course of this project. While I was in a web development course at the same time as this project, we had barely begun to cover design elements by the time I got started with this assignment, so it was up to me in most cases to figure out how some elements of web design worked.

Another aspect about this project that made the scheduling a bit funky for me was the fact that the Miiverse was in the process of being shut down. The were changes in the story on a near daily basis. In order to make sure that I had the most up to date information I had to check in on the progress of the shut down nearly every day and make changes to the project as the story developed. This was incredibly time consuming, but ultimately worth it since I was able to learn a lot about the users’ feelings on the service by reading their live reactions as the application shut down.

After I finished the project and received my instructor feedback, Mr. Liddle encouraged me to make some edits to the text and to submit to The Jump+. I spent a few weeks making rewriting some aspects of the project that had either changed since I submitted for my original grade or I felt could have been worded better and then submitted at the midpoint of the following semester. I then received some suggested edits from The Jump+, which were very helpful in giving my arguments more clarity and focus. After addressing these suggested edits, I resubmitted in early January 2019.