Text-based Description of Visuals – Let’s Talk About Miiverse (9.1)

General Page Layout

  • The header is bright green with darker green texture and the title of the work “Lets Talk About Miiverse”
  • Three panels make up each page, a panel of links to the other pages, a panel that contains the primary text of each page, and a panel containing some other resources that readers might find interesting as further reading
  • The footer is gray with green hyper link text which link to the pages of the text so that users don’t have to scroll all the way back up to the top to move on to the next page.

What is Miiverse?

  • A logo from the Miiverse, five users created avatars (Miis) standing on a globe showing how the community has a global reach
  • A video by Nintendo explaining what the Miiverse is and how to use it
  • A video of a user’s Mii walking around Wara Wara Plaza and viewing the posts of other users through their Miis
  • A picture of a few users posts on Miiverse, demonstrating that Miiverse posts can either be text based or image based
  • The Miiverse home screen from the view of the user
  • The Nintendo 3DS Miiverse home screen from the view of the user
  • A picture of the Wii U game pad highlighting the home button which the user would push to access the Miiverse
  • The games journalism outlet IGN’s coverage on the announcement of the Miiverse’s closure

How was Miiverse Used?

  • A screenshot of the game New Super Mario Bros. U for the Wii U showing a few posts from the game, demonstrating how the users posts were seen in game and could be used to help other users find secrets in the level or give their opinions on each level
  • The New Super Mario Bros. U community page home screen
  • A screenshot of the last Splatfest from Splatoon for the Wii U, showing how the users posts could be seen in the overworld as graffiti and billboards in the game’s environment
  • A GameFAQ post where two users are criticizing some of the banned words from the Miiverse

The Death of The Miiverse

  • Nintendo’s official account announcing to Miiverse users the closure of the Miiverse
  • A video of Youtube user dratopic giving a dramatic reading of the final moments of the Miiverse
  • A Miiverse conversation between users Patty and Beavis where Patty is asking why the Luigi Miiverse community is so active and Beavis responding with his thoughts that this community wasn’t affected as heavily by the platforms update

What was Lost when the Miiverse Shutdown?

  • The commercial for the Nintendo Switch. This shows groups of people getting together face to face in order to play games together
  • A Miiverse post from user Jordy: “I’m not a very social person IRL, so any connections I can make (which are limited) are appreciated. Miiverse is a place which has helped me to become more socially confident, and enable me to talk to others without having to actually physically talk to them. I’ve met so many wonderful people here, and I’m trying to get to grips with the fact that I may never see these people again when it ends.”
  • A video explaining that the Miiverse is ending and how this will affect certain games
  • A commercial for Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars for the Wii U and 3DS that is showing off some of the Miiverse connected features of the game
  • The Communities home screen from the Miiverses main menu, the communities shown here are the ones that had been posted to most recently
  • A Miiverse post from user Phillipe: “Miiverse will be gone soon. I’ve been here since the beginning… and now it’s almost the end. The memories I made were full of bliss, and it was fun. I can’t believe Nintendo confirmed it and it’s actually going to happen. I’m going to miss the ones who impacted me the most. If Miiverse shuts down and we want to contact our friends by sharing it on here, heck, that’ll be hard.”

What is Replacing the Miiverse?

  • Advertisement of the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Network
  • A short video explaining how to set up Switch Voice Chat and critiquing the effectiveness of the new chat platform
  • An image showing just how cumbersome the chat system can be. With cords crisscrossing everywhere and two separate screens to watch while trying to communicate with other players
  • A commercial explaining how StreetPass functions, showing two Nintendo 3DS players carrying their consoles in their pockets and walking past each other and explaining how the feature works as the two people walk by


  • This is a picture of the home screen of Closedverse, showing just a few of the site’s organization features
  • A few highlighted posts from the Archiverse on the site’s homepage