Student Reflection – A Book’s Perspective on Its Creation (9.1)

By Bridget Hovancsek

This is a podcast that had originally been submitted as a Literacy Narrative for my ENG 4830: Advanced Composition course at Bowling Green State University. I really struggled with deciding how I was going to do this assignment because we were not allowed to write a paper, and that’s where my comfort zone lies. I had never done a podcast before, but it was one of the options to choose from and my instructor was really focused on pushing us outside of the box. After MANY failed attempts to write a narrative I liked from my own personal perspective, I decided to take my instructor’s advice of thinking outside of the box a bit more seriously, and found the idea of writing the narrative from the perspective of the book instead of the perspective of the author. The basis of this story is entirely true; I really did start writing my first short story when I was young and continued to edit it over the years, so this is a piece that is near and dear to my heart.

If I were to go back in and make changes to my podcast, the first adjustment I would make would be to record the podcast on a better recording device. I did my final recording on my phone with my script up on my laptop, so you can hear occasional notification “dings” throughout my podcast that definitely take away from the tone of the piece. There are also a few references I make throughout the text, such as references from paper coming from any kind of tree, that may be confusing for a reader. I would go back in and either take those references out or take some time to more in-depth explain these references. We did have time constraints on the original submission of the piece for class, so more time would’ve allowed me to be more detailed to provide some clarification for readers. I also wish I could have added some sort of sound effects that would give the effect of being in a library or in a study in a house. My microphone sort of made me sound like I was outside, which does not fit the tone of the piece at all, so I would want to reduce confusion for listeners as much as possible.

I never would have thought I would write a script or a podcast in general, let alone about my own writing, which to this point I have kept pretty personal and to myself. I’m really glad I had the opportunity (or was forced to) think outside of the box in a class and have to create, fail endlessly (or so it felt like), and then create again until I made a piece I am really proud of. I’m so glad you’ve decided to check out my piece, and I really hope you enjoy it! I also hope it sparks creativity in your mind, as well!