Text-based Description of Visuals for “An Introduction to the Site” Video – Questioning Logical Fallacies (9.1)

Video thumbnail is a white background, with the words “An Introduction to This Site” centered in black. Video consists of words and images being drawn onto a white board with a pink marker.

0:00-0:12 Image of ghost with a smiley face is drawn, with a checkmark placed next to it.

0:13-0:26 White board becomes clear. The word “fallacy” is written with a colon next to it,
and then underlined. In quotation marks, the words “error in logic” are written beneath it. A
circle is placed around the word “fallacy” and its definition.

0:27-0:42 Line are drawn that extend from the circle, each one reaching toward a different
type of logical fallacy that is written. These include: Ad Hominem, Hasty Generalization,
Begging the Question, Straw Man, Slippery Slope, Tu Quoque, Equivocation, Ad Verecundiam, and Red Herring.

0:42- 0:57 White board becomes clear. “FALLACIES” is written in all caps across the top of the white board, and is underlined. Below, a list is written: “1. Education 2. How they’re
problematic 3. Relevance.”

0:57-1:09 White board becomes clear. The words “Feminist Rhetoric” are written, and a
thought bubble is placed around the words with three small circles extending from the

1:10-1:27 White board becomes clear. The word “jargon” is written, circled, and then an “x” is placed through the circle.

1:27-1:40 White board becomes clear. The words “Foundational Knowledge” are written on the right side of the board.

1:43-1:48 A picture of a house is drawn to the left of the words “Foundational Knowledge.”
There is a crack through the house and its foundation.

1:49-1:59 White board becomes clear. A stick figure is drawn with a thought bubble above its head. Inside the thought bubble is the word “fallacies.”

2:00-2:14 White board becomes clear. An open-mouthed smiley face is drawn.

2:14-2:16 Screen fades to black.