Transcript & Text-based Description of Visuals for “What Call Out Culture Looks Like?” Video – Questioning Logical Fallacies (9.1)

Text-Based Audio and Visual Description of “What Call-Out Culture Looks Like,” located under “Research: Who Gets Silenced and Excluded?: Call-Out Culture” subpage


Jewell (the speech-giver): brown hair and glasses, wearing a grey sweater and jeans.
Charli (the interrupter): blonde hair and glasses, wearing a green shirt and jeans.

The video is set in a large hall, with a podium placed in front of a trophy case. The video
thumbnail contains the podium and trophy case as the background, with the words “What Call-Out Culture Looks Like” written in white.

0:00 Papers are rustled, and people chatter in the background. Jewell approaches the
podium, lays a sheet of paper down, rests her hands on the podium, and looks out at the

0:07 Jewell: Welcome, everyone, and thank you for coming. Today I’ll be discussing climate change, and what each of us can do to help save the planet. To start, I’d like to talk about what causes climate change. One of the biggest causes of climate change is actually carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels over the last century, particularly coal and oil.

0:23 Charli, offstage, raises her hand and begins to walk onscreen and towards the podium.

Charli: Excuse me, no no no.

0:26 Charli stands on the side of the podium, facing Jewell, and rests her fist on it.
Jewell (looks at Charli in exasperation and quietly says): I’m sorry, what?

Charli: Do you know what the words “Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc” mean?

0:30 Jewell: What?
Charli (speaking with her hands): Post Hoc. Ergo. Propter Hoc. It’s a logical fallacy. It means that your…for instance, you saying that fossil fuels are causing climate change.

0:41 Jewell: But they do.
Charli: No. You don’t have any evidence.

0:44 Jewell: Yes I do, you just didn’t let me finish!
Charli: Let me see your evidence.

0:46 Jewell picks up the paper from the podium and hands it to Charli. Charli examines the paper.

0:50 Charli: Um, yeah, I don’t know what this evidence is but it’s not valid. These people
don’t have expertise.

0:56 Jewell (talking with her hands, exasperated): My evidence is from NASA, are you
joking?! Could you just like, go away and let me finish my speech?

1:02 Charli pushes Jewell away from the podium and offscreen, taking the podium for
Charli: No.

1:04 Charli (to the audience): Let’s talk about prison.