Transcript – Stolen Fairytale (1.1)

Transcription by Amanda K. Booher

A Stolen Fairytale (PSA to stop child sexual abuse)

Once upon a time, there was a gorgeous little girl, who had a smile that would lighten up the world.
(giggling of young girl in background)

(background giggling) This little girl knew she was a princess.
The princess was wise, because she knew there was no such thing as impossible.
And with her imagination, she could create anything her heart desired. And so she did.


(background giggling) She created her own beautiful kingdom with butterflies that could sing.

(background giggling) And love that grew from flowers.

(background giggling) She lived happily in this world with her prince charming.

(background giggling) All the princess wanted was a world full of love, and laughter.

(background giggling) A darkness began to take over the princess’s world, and her crown was taken away.
(giggling stops)

(1:06 )

But after the darkness, soon arose fear, and the little girl found herself sitting in bed, silent and scared. Horrifying noises arose from the darkness.

(heavy footsteps)

(background footsteps) And the scared little girl hid under her blanket.

(heavy footsteps)

(background footsteps) The little girl began to cry. She took out her flashlight, and turned it on in hopes that the little bit of light would keep her safe.

(heavy footsteps)

(knocking on a door; door opening)
The little girl knew that the monster crept in the night, and as the noises became louder, she knew the monster was coming for her. The little girl’s heart began to patter.

(tension in narrator voice, increased speaking pace)
A heart that once was made of love now shivered in fear.

(background heartbeat) The little girl knew the monster was bad.
She knew that it was coming for her
She knew that it was the same monster that took away her innocence of her kingdom

(heartbeat speed increases)

(background heartbeat)
And you would never know—never know…And you would never know he was taking away the innocence from her. (heartbeat stops)

Or one in four of her princess friends, and one in six of her prince charmings.