Project Timeline – The Smiling Star: Laybur (1.1)

Course – Eng 109: English for International Students
Instructor – Felice Marcus
Semester – Fall 2009
(Class met for 65 minute class periods, twice a week)Day 1 :: Introduction
The project was introduced. We watched two digital stories created in a (non-ESL) first-year composition class, and indentified messages in the stories. I assigned the section called “Getting Started” from the Digital Storytelling Cookbook for the next class period.

Day 2 :: Brainstorming
Students shared their topic ideas; classmates and instructor offered feedback.

Day 3 :: Narration and Voice
Students chose and read aloud from storyboard-like picture books, focusing on expressing all the nuances in the narrative. Written story scripts are due next class period.

Day 4 :: Peer Response/Script Workshop
Students engaged in peer response on their written drafts and oral deliveries of their scripts.

Day 5 :: Movie Maker/iMovie, Audacity, and Audio Recorders
Introduction and practice with movie making and audio editing software, and how to use the voice recorders available for checkout at the university library.

Day 6 :: Workshop Day
Students worked on their movies in class. I circulated to discuss students’ projects and to troubleshoot technical problems. Students were also encouraged to talk/conference with each other about their works in process. Drafts are due next class period.

Day 7 :: Peer Response
Feedback of movies, shown on the big screen, with half of the class.

Day 8 :: Peer Response
Feedback of movies, shown on the big screen, with the other half of the class.

Day 9 :: Final Movies Submitted
We watch one or two movies per day at the beginning of class, until we’ve watched everyone’s movie.