Transcript – A Closer Look into Physical Disabilities (2.1)

Transcription by Justin Hodgson

Upbeat banjo music in background (Pinegrass Medley, by the Acousticals)

(slide) My name is Chris.

(slide) And this is Kassandra.

(slide) This is us together one time when I was wearing a tie.

(slide) And this is where we live.

(slide) More accurately, this is where we live.

(slide) But Kassandra used to live in Alaska.

And there’s one place we haven’t been together:
(slide) (ominous voice) The delivery room.

But, we’re having a baby girl, and this is the beginning of her story.

(slide) Our daughter started off really tiny.

(slide) Then she grew to the size of one of these beans.

Luckily it was only one.

(slide) Then a peanut.

(slide) Then she grew to the size of a plum.

(slide) Then the size of a mango.

(slide) And right about now she’s the size of a delicious, juicy cantaloupe.

And it’s funny that all of our books we’re ready describe our baby in terms of food, when realistically, if you think about it, that would only be done by (slide) dinosaurs, (slide) tigers, and (slide) grizzly bears.

(slide) Grizzly bears are from Alaska.

(slide) Just like Kassandra.

(music stops, black screen)

Now the reason I bring this up is because I want something good to be catching on by the time my little cantaloupe turns into a person.

I have a question to ask of you.

And I started by asking thirty people.

Thirty people, [30 people]

one question. [One question]

And the answer is for all of us.

(music in background: Hungaria by Latché Swing)

(people introduce themselves)


I’m Robert Kelp.






My name’s Brian.


I’m Betsy.



My name is Cynthia Allen and I’m a Christian, I belong to Overbrook Presbyterian Church.

I am Randolf, I’m an artist, editor, um, potential graduate student.

I’m Randy, and I’m sixteen, I skateboard.

Background voice (And you’re)

[Randy] Black.

[Robert] I’m basic research scientist at a children’s hospital in Philadelphia.

Hi. My name’s Kevin Dolar. Plumber. I’m in Philly right now, Sixth and Pine, during the Eagles’ game, trying to get a sewage clog unclogged.

Oh, red light. Jillian! (laughs) Right here in Philadelphia, Third and Lombard, Society Hill.

Hello my name is Fong Fong, I come from China.

I’m Adam and I live in Fairmont.

I’m Dan, I’m studying for my geriatric boards. (red shirt hat)

I’m Marcel, aaaand…it’s a beautiful day. (plaid)

The question…
(music in background: Wildwood Flower by Deejoke)

[Colin] …um, one deed of kindness?

[unnamed] Hmm, one random deed of kindness, that would be contagious?

[Alexa] Today, what would be…

[Brian] Um…you know what, I would probably…a deed of kindness?

[Floyd] (silence)

[Richard] That’s a very good question. I really couldn’t answer you right now, I have to think about that one. Um, act of kindness…

[Elle] That’s a really hard question! I mean, there’s a lot of things…one good deed, that could be contagious?

[Randolf] I would tell everybody to go to the library.

[Elle] Uh, I guess I’m drawing a blank, uh, I don’t know, uh, maybe I don’t do enough good deeds to know one that should be contagious, um, let’s see…

[Robert] I think basic civility is an important thing.

[Colin] Letting people into traffic, while driving, is great.

[Floyd] I guess I’d be as friendly as I could to people. Ah…I would, I would participate when somebody asked me if they wanted to do a, a video of me (laugh)

[Brian] You know, just make conversation with somebody.

[Colin] It’s not just one-sided – I need them to wave? When I let them in?

[Robert] Um, just the basic, simple courtesies of life are, contagious and a (pure) thing in this world.

[Alexa] I would probably give somebody a free hug?

[Marcel] Um, help somebody who needs help.

[Jillian] A conversation, um, with um, with people on the bus – we’re about to catch the bus, and I love to talk to people on the bus, and it can, uh, really be a wonderful exchange.

[Cynthia] Tell everyone to have a good day. (background: Put that down! Don’t eat that!)

[Amanda] I guess I’d just smile at someone that looked like they were having a bad day, ‘cuz I really think that could lift their spirits. I mean, they could be walking to jump off a bridge, you never know, and that smile coulda changed their day.

[Dan] Clean up some of the broken glass on the street.

[Adam] Ah, I would be polite and say nice, something nice to everybody I interact with.

[little girl] Give it a toy.

[Elle] Letting a bunch of people live at your house. (laugh) I think so. That should be contagious. Because it sucks to be homeless.

[Tom] Warm hellos to everybody we go by, especially people who look a little down in the dumps.

[Richard] You know, share some kindness and help somebody out.

[Fong Fong] Mmmm, volunteer. Give food to the homeless.

[Alicia] I don’t know. Give someone a sandwich?

[Kevin] Smile and say “Hi, how ya doin’?”

[Jill] Just smile. People are too sad all the time, so just smile. Hopefully that would make other people smile.

The answer is our future.

Upbeat banjo music in background (Pinegrass Medley, by the Acousticals)