Project Timeline – Closer (2.1)

Course – Digital Storytelling
Instructor – Dr. Fred Johnson
School – Whitworth University

“Digital Storytelling” Project Timeline

Students complete this project during the third week of an intensive January seminar which meets 18 times (including two evening screenings), three hours each time, over the course of 3 and a half weeks. Kyle’s production schedule was quick, as a result, and it went something like this:

Tuesday: Kyle starts scripting and storyboarding, begins searching for Creative Commons music.

Tuesday Night: Class watches Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums, a film that provides an excellent basis for further discussion of the formal qualities of film.
Wednesday: Class discussion of The Royal Tenenbaums and film language, followed by substantial workshop time. Kyle continues scripting, storyboarding, and searching for music.

Thursday: Full day workshop during class. Kyle continues scripting, storyboarding, and searching for music.

Friday: Aside from a portion of the regular class meeting devoted to online journals and art, this day is all production, all the time. Kyle begins working with actors and shooting video.

Saturday and Sunday: Kyle edits the film and adds titles.

Monday Morning: In class screening of all student projects, including “Closer.”