Transcript – Jesse James: From Hero to Villain in the Eyes of One (2.1)

Transcription by Justin Hodgson

Music: Chimes

Introductory Orchestra audio from 1939 Twentieth Century Fox film Jesse James

Robber 1: No jewelry, folks. Just cash.

Anonymous passenger 1: That is all the money I have in the world.

Jesse James: This will teach you not to ride on the Millhouse Railroad. Thank you, sir. No ma’m, no jewelry. Thank you just the same, though. That is very nice of your, sir. That is a fine looking pocketbook. Thank you very much, lady. And don’t forget to sue the railroad for everything you give us. They are responsible. Thank you very kindly, sir.

Robber 1: Just drop it in the sack and nobody will get hurts. Thank you, brother. Thank you, brother. Have your wallets ready by the time the gentleman gets to you. Thank you, brother.

Man with Hand on Book: What is your name, sister?

Woman: Zerelda Cobb

Man with Hand on Book: And yours, son?

Jesse James: Jesse Woodson James.

Man with Hand on Book: Jesse Wood– Jesse James!

Man in Pew: Thank the Lord!

Robber 1: Sit down.

Jesse James: Yes, sir we don’t want no trouble.

Man with Hand on Book: Trouble? Why, son, you are as welcome as rain to the flowers. Do you realize, boy, that I had a farm giving 900 bushels of corn until that railroad had taken it from me.

Music: Chimes

Voice over (Manny): Jesse James is cool.

Gun shots in background

Music: Chimes (in the background)

Older Boy: Hey man, what are you doing?

Manny: I am playing Jesse James. He’s cool. He’s like Robin Hood.

Music: Chimes (continue)

Jesse James: I am holdin’ up this train.

Conductor: The whole train?

Jesse James: Slack up at this next curve. Stop her just aside that bunch of trees around the bend.

Conductor: It is your funeral, partner.

Music: Chimes (octave lower)

Voice over (Manny): I am Jesse James. Stick ‘em up. I don’t want to be a cop. That’s boring. Let’s be the bad guys. I want to be a bad guy. I could be Jesse James.

3.00 – 6.26
Music: Chimes (original) with marching drums continues throughout.