Project Timeline – A Beautiful Rose (2.2)

Course – Rhetoric, Memory, and Popular Film
Instructor – Dr. Tammie Kennedy
School – University of Nebraska Omaha

This was the final project in the course. Students wrote weekly 2-3 page critical analyses of the readings and/or films studied and completed a traditional 4-5 page rhetorical analysis of a film. They were also required to write a 5-7 page research paper that examined how a film “remembers” something or provides competing historical perspectives about a particular event, place, time, or person (e.g., Spartacus, Malcolm X, Glory, Saving Private Ryan, Amelia Earhart, Ghandi, andInvictus) and argue how the memory represented on film influences and shapes collective and/or individual memory.

I set aside three class periods to work on the final film projects, including invention, technical assistance, and revision before the final project was due and shown to the class. All of the students received comments from the students enrolled in the course, me, and another instructor on their final projects.