Transcript – Response to A Beautiful Rose

Transcription by Cleve Wiese

The camera zooms in on two hands in white, fingerless gloves as they reach towards a sheet of paper with the words “A Beautiful Rose” printed on it. The camera angle is shot from the point-of-view of the person reaching.

The same two hands shuffle through a stack of papers. Sheet #1 has the following text:
“A Beautiful Rose
On a normal
… you pick your

Sheet #2 has the following text:
“You move in
A ghost…
You ran…

The sheet #3 has the following text
“’That’s gay’
You treat me as
an object.”

The camera angle shifts; the hands are again shuffling through a stack of the same sheets of paper, but in a different order. After sheets #1 and #2, sheet #4 has the following text:
“come to the
silenced me…”

Sheet #5 has the following text:
This is what you
do to me…”

The hands come to rest on another sheet, but the text is not visible.

The camera cuts to the first, more direct angle as the hands continue shuffling papers: Sheet #4, then #5, then #2. The hands pull a printed screen shot of three roses in bloom from the stack.

The camera cuts to a close-up of a spread-out mess of papers: #1-#5 and the screen shot all shuffled together. The hands then collect the papers into a single stack with sheet #2 on the top. After a momentary pause, the hands again spread the sheets on the table.

The camera cuts to another close-up shot of the scrambled sheets of paper. The hands produce a roll of duct tape and rip off a long, single strip. The hands continue to rip smaller pieces of duct tape from longer strips.

The hands first come to rest on the scrambled stack of papers then begin to fold a small piece of duct tape. They rip another, similarly sized piece of tape and begin folding this as well. Then the right hand reaches off-screen and produces a long, flower-like sculpture made of duct tape. They start adding the small, folded pieces of tape the bud of this rose, turning it over and over as it grows.

The two hands now hover over a stack of ripped shards of paper – fragments of the earlier sheets. The hands place a strip of paper with the following text on the top of the stack: “This is what you do to”.

The hands place another strip of paper below the previous fragment. This fragment has the text “You make me” printed on it.

The hands hold another fragment of paper, this one with the text “’degenerate’” printed on it. They rip the “de” from this word and place the remaining “generate” beneath the other two fragments. This produces the following composite text:

“This is what you do to
You make me.

The two hands roll sheet #2 into a large spiral. The printed screen shot of roses is revealed beneath. The two hands place the larger spiral on top of the screen shot, then roll it onto the outside of the spiral.

The hands place the completed duct tape rose inside the spiral. Sheet #1 is visible on the table in the background. Fade to black.