Project Timeline – A Golden Age (2.2)

Course – Issues in Composition
Instructor – Dr. Amanda K. Booher
School – Texas Tech University

Digital Composition Project Timeline

Thursday: Digital composition
We discussed the digital project assignment, beginning with viewing and discussing other projects from TheJUMP, etc.

Thursday: How do we evaluate digital projects?
We discussed means of evaluating digital projects, working up a rubric as a class. This would be the rubric I would then use to evaluate their final projects; additionally, they had an analysis project where they picked a video and then assessed it based on these criteria.

Tuesday: Evaluating digital projects
We discussed their assessment projects and how this might influence their own design decisions.

Thursday: Proposing projects
We did small group brainstorming and large group discussion about possible project topics, working through some of the potential rhetorical and technical choices they’d need.

Tuesday: Digital Project Proposal due
Students had to turn in a proposal for their final project; I provided feedback and suggestions.

Tuesday: Discuss projects in class
We discussed their progress, particularly what problems and difficulties they were encountering and what successes and technical tricks they’d discovered.

Thursday: In-class work day
Students worked on projects in class, getting support and feedback from me and their classmates as needed.

Tuesday: Work day; Conferences
Students had time to work independently while I conferenced with them individually.

Saturday: Present Final Digital Projects to class
Students presented their final projects during our final exam period; while they were initially nervous about this, they were also quite excited and proud to show what they’d come up with in the last few week