Transcript – A Golden Age (2.2)

Transcription by AKBooher
bass-heavy music intro
[Mae – “Good (M)orning”]

music starts for introducing people
[Spangle Call Lilli Line – “Zola”]

new music – guitars
[Bright Eyes – “The First Day of My Life”]

Jenny: “First time we met was actually, like again, at FSA meeting? But I didn’t get, really, like, I just saw her. Um, but we actually, like, talked for the first time at the FSA cubicle.”

Jennifer: “Um, it was that one time, because Amy knew you, and then she said something about your car, and then told you I would scratch it…”
Justin: “Oh YEAH!”
Jennifer: “…or I would key it…”
Justin: “I remember now, I remember now…I remember now. Okay. I remember now.”
[laughter from behind camera]
Justin: (laughingly): “She was a bitch.”
Jennifer: “I was not a bitch.”

Jenny: “I was amazed, when I found out that she was from Peru, so she can speak, Spanish and Chinese and English…”

Paul: “Well, the first time I really remember anything significant about you was in eighth grade, uh, algebra class, um, when you sort of had a seizure right behind me.”
Red: “Mostly I remember you because I thought, ‘Wow, that guy’s really shy.’ I mean, you just sat, like, there was these rows of desks, you sat on the farthest…possible, and like, just read, the entire time, and just like tried not to receive contact from other human beings.”

Andrew: “…and um, I guess my first impression was like, ‘Wow. Look at this guy. He looks too cool.”
Joseph: “He actually added me on MySpace and Facebook, y’know, when MySpace was still popular? I was like, ‘Who is this kid? Why is he adding me, already, like, on both of these websites?” But yeah, I thought he was a creeper, kinda.”
Andrew: “I think I wanted to be his friend. So I can be cool, too.”

Jeffrey: “But, Josh at that time was, weird as fuck to, to really, to put it mildly, so [laughing]…and and that, and that didn’t change…”
Paul: “Yeah, I mean, we wouldn’t really know each other at all though, if it wasn’t for Jeffery, I’m pretty sure, because, we were both Jeffery’s friend, and then, we just ended up hanging out together because we were hanging out with Jeffery, so…”

Ari: “She was the president.”
Shirt: “We met there, but we didn’t start actually getting to know one another until the bacon party.”
Katie: “Yes! The vegan party.”
Ari: “Yeah. It was an awesome bacon party.”

Rob: “…doesn’t say anything.”
Tiffany: “You were just like ‘Uuuhhh, hanging out with guys! Uuuhhh, let’s do crazy things! Uuuhhh I smoke cigarettes!’ [laughs]”
Rob: “I’m Tiffany.”
Tiffany: “[laughs] I was not! I was like [laughs]…”

Roxanne: “…yeah, well. He sat on the other end of the row, and I thought he didn’t like me because he didn’t say much, I was like, ‘Okay, fine…you know’.”
Jeffrey: “But in reality I was just too nervous. But then I got not nervous, and asked you to hang out at Sugar Brown’s.”

Tiffany: “Mmm, what else? Rob was like ‘Party party party! Let’s watch porn in the dorms!’”
Rob: [laughing] “That was not me.”
Tiffany: [laughing] “I don’t know who it was…but you were there [laughs]…”
Rob: “I’m Tiffany…”
Tiffany: [laughs]

transition—electronic music
[Spangle Call Lilli Line – “Low Light”]

(music still playing in background)
Ron: “Ah, what’s um, what’s one thing that you always wanted to say to each other, but you never had the chance to so far?”

(music fades)

Gabby: “There’s a lot of things that irk me about Beverly. I’m just trying to narrow it down to two…”

Kevin: “Dude, I didn’t know you shaved your ass like me.”
Julius: “Yeah, I didn’t know that either, we both shave our asses…”
Kevin: “Yeah, I didn’t…
Julius: “…that better not go into…[laughter]!!!
Ron: “WHAT?”
[hysterical laughter]
Ron: “Wow. Wooow. Woooooooow.”

Ron: “It doesn’t have to be serious, by the way. It can, it doesn’t have to be like, [dramatically] ‘I have this dark secret for you!’ You know what I mean [laughing]? It doesn’t have to be like that [laughing].”
Jennifer: “I really hate it when you get on to me for, um, playing, being a DJ in your car, basically.”
Justin: [laughs]

Andrew: “I mean, thanks for being there? Like, for me? Whenever I needed him? I mean, I can honestly say, like, out of my all, four years, I’ve been here, at this school, like, I mean, Joseph’s pretty close, to me, as like, far as friendship-wise goes, so…I mean, I can, yeah, I guess I can just say like, y’know, thanks for always being there, for me.”

Beverly: “Whenever she eats my food, or like, our food, she leaves like this one, piece of food.”
Gabby: “I try to share it for you, okay? Don’t complain to me, and be mad at me, ‘cause I try to at least save you one. I’m sorry.”
Beverly: “It would feel so much better if you at all of them, so I can just can, like, make another batch.”
Gabby: “No. I’m being considerate.”

Jeffrey: “What, ummmm, something I’ve always wanted to say… How ‘bout, ‘I love you.’”
Roxanne: “Which is funny because he said that all of fifteen minutes ago, but I like it, I like it. I love you too!”
Jeffrey: “You like it. You love me too?
Roxanne: “I love you too.”
Jeffrey: “Do you love me? Really? Really?”
Roxanne: “Yes, I do love you!”
Jeffrey: “Really? Are we still gonna get married?”

music, heavy acoustic guitars, male voices singing
[Lenora Sol – “A Golden Age”]

lyrics: “…buried in photographs. We said that we’d always be family. I believe…we’re still golden. I believe, we’re still golden…”