Project Timeline – Congo Coltan War PSA (2.2)

Course – Multimedia: Remaking Invention
Instructor – Dr. Justin Hodgson
School – The University of Texas at Austin

Digital Video Project Timeline

This project began with our watching the film The Five Obstructions by Lars Van Trier and Jorgen Leth. Upon completing that film, I assigned the Digital Video Project and as a class we talked about the film and generated our own list of potential inventive obstructions to work with.

The next class was an introduction to working with iMovie, followed by 25 minutes of either an “idea generation workshop” or time to start working on their projects, which ever students chose.

This class included an introduction to working with Windows Movie Maker, with the remainder of the course time being an open studio day, where I provided “on demand” guided video instruction.

This was a Video Workshop day. We workshop our video drafts in a peer-review format, and left any additional time to continuing our video work.

Digital Video Showcase & Discussion. Students volunteered to share their videos with the class, and then we discussed the videos in terms of production, message, intent, and so on.