Project Timeline – In the Eyes of Another (2.2)

Course – Multimedia Scholarship
Instructor – Dr. Justin Hodgson
School – The University of Texas at Austin

Multimedia Research-Argument Creation Timeline

This was the final and major project in the course. Students spent a shade over 4 weeks working on these projects, with 1/3 to 1/2 of at least 5 class meetings devoted to a studio-type production environment in the course. Additionally, prior to this assignment, the students had fairly invovled introductions/tutorials to using the flash-based editor at and in using the ebook authoring platform Sophie (and Sophie 2). As these two platforms have been part of an earlier assignment, one which fed into this project, it is important to keep those things in mind in relation to this timeline.

Week 1 involved assigning the project and topic generation workshops.

Week 2 involved probing research efforts, some design practices and implementation, and the attempts to build the basic tenets or major lines of the project.

Week 3 involved revising/refining the project given students’ research and the development in their technical abilities.

Week 4 involved workshops, peer-reviews, revisions, and instructor-student guidance as needed.

It should also be noted that we had course readings throughout this process, and part of the course readings involved a number of looks at the rhetoric of interfaces, the nature of image and image function, and even discussions on the role of the aesthetic.