Transcript – Editor’s Introduction – Issue 2.2

Transcription by Justin Hodgson

Upbeat sound intro

In this issue of TheJUMP we have four projects which we feel open a number of interesting talking points for our readers/viewers—particularly if these projects find themselves included in undergraduate courses. The first project by Keely Peden opens a number of critical issues, ranging from awareness and cultural responsibility to rhetorical bias and technological failures. The second project by Ron Macdon spins loosely into a meme and asks us to consider our relationships with those people who are close to us. The third project by Sara Martinez ask us to consider our relationships with technology and to consider the relationships with technology of other cultures in the world. The fourth project by Jeremiah Dohn not only asks us to consider matters germane to homophobia, but actually positions viewers in such a way as to introduce an inherit and unavoidable tension while watching the project. Together, we think these four projects along with our reviewers responses provide some contact points for opening a number of critical issues to students, and we hope you not only enjoy these works but find ways for them to become part of your course discussions.